The short answer to soler panels work without an inverter is yes, but only under particular cases. An inverter for solar panels is a mechanism that converts the sun’s low voltage (DC) electricity into high voltage alternating current (AC), which can subsequently power items in your house. The inverter transforms DC to AC to ensure the appliance’s frequency, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, depends on where you reside.

Solar Panels Work Without An Inverter

Therefore, you may use the Delta Power solar panel system to power your home appliances. Even if you have a smaller solar panel, it can work as an inverter and carry a load. A battery is helpful to avoid disconnection in the provision of a continuous power supply without interruption.

Moreover, most home appliances run on the electric grid (grid power). Solar panels can generate 12 or 24 volts of electricity, which is use to power DC items. While a solar system can function without an inverter, different voltages depend on what the appliance needs, which can damage your gadget. For example, a grid-connected solar system without an inverter can power DC-current equipment such as lights and televisions, but it cannot do so efficiently.

Delta Power Solar system

Delta Power Solar system provides your home with the desired energy and power from the grid and utility service. Solar panels without batteries and inverters function well in places with little load shedding or power outage.

Solar Panels

Aside from solar panels, having many batteries may result in a costly setup for you. However, if your grid runs smoothly and produces decent results, you can avoid using a barrage or inverter. The grid system is functional to deliver solar energy during the day and night by solar panels.

Grid-Connected Solar System

Grid-connected solar systems can also use renewable energy to charge batteries, which can deliver current power to your home while the sun is down. However, a charge controller needs to prevent the battery backup from overcharging. Some folks even utilize solar panels to power an electric fence surrounding their property. AC-powered equipment, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and heaters, might be damaged if they connect directly to systems without an inverter.


Solar energy is the most renewable power source on the globe. While it takes significant time, study, and work to produce & maintain solar panels, the product is a low-cost, clean, and energy-efficient energy. If money is tight, a solar panel without a battery and an inverter may be a suitable solution.

Your electricity needs also determine the type of solar panel system that can generate enough electricity for your home & company. So whether or not you need an inverter depends on the device you connect to the panel. If you have questions regarding solar panels or inverters in Pakistan or residential or commercial solar installations, Delta Power is happy to start the conversation!